Yoga & Barre Classes

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 YogaFlowBarre is a contemporary and ballet inspired work out blended with yoga, pilates, and dance based movements.; that was created by Lotte Berk,. it is a very unique work out that is designed to improve flexibility as well as build strength. This is the fastest growing work out in the UK as it sculpts and tones your body effectively and safely. At the same time you work hard and have fun with a dynamic flow and dance feel movements. You will feel the burn but the music will keep you going.



Root to core is a Vyniassa flow and pilates inspired class dedicated to building core strength and flexibility. Focusing on strengthning and toning, with movements that have a wider use of the body foundation.




Rise to a new level of freedom with Liberation!  A yoga and contemporary release inspired class designed to let go, eliminate all toxins and loosen any stiffness. In this class you will constantly flow. Perfect for those of you that have the dancer inside. It is also suitable for complete beginners that would like a cardio yoga based classYou will walk out of this class feeling refreshed.




Grow, change, uplift your energy and strengthen your mind with Skyrocket. Let go of ​tension, get in touch with the heart of the practice and visit a peaceful place inside yourself. In this class we introduce primary and advanced poses in to one sequence. This class will give you a sense of peace and wellbeingtaking the focus away from the mind and into the body. This class is fast tempo so will work on the cardio system. You will get a sense of stamina and endurance because it’s non-stop movement from start to finish. With 75 minutes of movement, skyrocket will work the joints of the body as well as your core. It is a fun class which brings advanced poses to beginners and reminds our advanced yogis of the humility of simpler postures.




This is a barre and yoga inspired class specifically aimed at changing your shape and sculpt your body by recruiting more muscle fibres. We’ve added a wider range of yoga in this class to create a leaner physique, perfect for those who like to get a good stretch as well as sculpt the body you desire. It is slower paced than yoga flow barre yet still as effective and designed for those of you that prefer a lower impact workout.

REJUVINATION 60 mins £20


Feel 10 years younger after taking a rejuvenation yoga class. Focusing on hip openers and deep stretches. This class is designed for those of you that want to relax, invigorate and get a deep extension of all muscle groups. Although you will sweat you will come out of this class feeling youthful and completely relaxed.



Restore 60 mins £18



Restore you mind, body and soul with a gentle restoration class. this is a class for those of you that require a relaxing, gentle and restorative practice. Designed to improve a range of motion and joint mobility, reduce pain and stresses of life with some meditation. Beneficial if you have any injuries, arthritis or other chronic conditions, limitations related to age or size and for advanced yogis with a more vigorous yoga practice will benefit from this practice if you are just wanting to relax. No prior yoga experience required.



Glute Activator £22

Wake up your gluteus with glute activator. This class has been specifically created to stimulate and galvanise your gluteis. You will definitely feel the burn and sculpt the shape you desire. Perfect for those who have a goal to create a shapely derriere.