Detox Packages

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We work with a number of qualified nutritionists who provide advice on food nutrition and the options available to adopt a healthier lifestyle, as well as offering raw food packages. We partner with A Touch of Raw who will help you to live the lifestyle that every being would benefit from.

Cleanse, detox and revitalise your body with our unique bespoke meal packages which are hand delivered to your door.           There are 3 detox and revitalise packages offered:

3 days £220                                                                         7 days £410                                                                           14 days £750

You decide according to your needs and what you are striving to achieve, whether to cleanse and re-energise your body on a pure juice/smoothie fast made with freshlyprepared juices or you can choose to combine the juices/smoothies with our bespoke power raw food meals.

All meals are especially created by our renowned nutritional chef after a consultation taken on each individual’s needs and aspirations to deliver the most amazing and health inducing juices and food. You won’t believe you are actually detoxing.

Why Detox packages are recommended?folfood

We take in toxins every day with our food as the majority of our food or ‘food like foods’ (processed foods made to be like food) contain colorants and preservatives. In addition to this, the chlorine in the water and carbon monoxide in air also poison our systems. We build toxins in the body and this causes inflammation and a weakened immune system.                                                                                                                                   These cleanses are a greener greater way to boost your metabolism. The benefits of juice fasting revitalises your mental clarity, improves the state of your skin, regulates digestion, nurtures healthy weight, removes toxins from your system and promotes overall health.



3 days is recommended as a ‘starter’ cleanse. This is a perfect way to introduce your body to cleansing and detoxing. Although we recommend to do the pure juice/smoothie detox, there is also the option to have raw food meals with our 7 day and 14 day detox plan. You will still achieve your desired goal to cleanse and detoxify your body but can do this whilst still eating a nutrient rich and restorative meal.

Whether you’re preparing for an event, a holiday, you want to lose weight or are looking to improve your health and vitality this is the perfect solution as this is the most efficient way to revitalise and train your body.

Our detox packages will provide you with all the nutrients you require. After all your body actually craves nutrients not food and if you fuel your body with the right nutrients you will never feel those urges of gluttony.

After your body detoxes, realigns and is filled with goodness you will begin to reject all your old habits. We coach you during and after your detox giving you the necessary tools to come off the juice fast and return to eating food.

When you have completed the detox you will be provided with all the information on how to live and eat to your optimum so you can continue with the healthy new lifestyle you have begun.



All juices and smoothies are dairy free and contain all the nutrients required with our additions of superfoods.




For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.